Lavish Lox Hair Oil is a luxury product founded by Sophina & Saima (A.K.A. Sophina Khan Artistry & Eternal Hijabs). With Sophina’s medical background & Saima’s passion for perfection we bring you magic in a bottle!

With regular use, our customers have reported significant improvement in the quality and quantity of their hair. With most of us having a busy lifestyle juggling work, family and commitments we tend to experience some form of hair loss.

Due to us both having children, which caused hair loss, we decided to formulate our own blend to use on ourselves and our children. We noticed several benefits over the years, such as new hair growth, and a significant decrease in hair fallout. Something which we noticed from the very first use was that we had THE BEST SLEEP EVER!

Lavish Lox Hair Oil has been carefully proportioned with blends of organic ingredients formulated to give optimum benefits and results.

We look forward to joining you on your hair care journey and we thank you for being a part of ours.

Sophina & Saima

Pure Organic Ingredients

After years of testing we’ve created a product we are proud to share with you.

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A rich blend of organic oils promoting hair growth and thickening, leaving your hair softer and smoother. This lightweight formula helps nourish the scalp allowing it to breath and prevent hair breakage.